Things to do..

1. Start being healthier.

I have recently started going to the gym, however, I have no really changed up my diet, and I feel like the majority of my diet works against what I am working for with working out.

2. learn to play the piano.

The piano has always been one of my favorite instruments to listen to and to watch being played. 

3. Learn how to budget

Pretty self-explanatory, I wish I was better with money. It often seems to work its way out of my wallet and replace itself with things I don’t quite need.

4. Learn how to surf.

This one would be quite difficult to learn how to do around here. However, seeing people do this makes it look like so much fun. I think it would be an amazing activity to learn how to do, I just need to be able to get to the beach more…



5. Learn how to speak Italian.

I have always wanted to learn Italian and get closer to my families heritage, however I don’t seem to have the time to learn a language.My great-grandparents use to always yell at us (their great-grandchildren) in Italian when we were younger, of course so we wouldn’t know what they were saying. 

I have always thought learning Italian would also be a great way to connect with my family that still lives in Italy. 


E-Cigarette vs. Cigarette

Lately Electronic Cigarettes have become very popular.

However, Do they actually provide less hazard to your health? 



According to the Washingtonpost second hand vapor holds approximately 1/10th of the health risks in various categories. 

They seem to be a great financial investment too. They end up saving smokers quite a bit of money in the long run.

V2Cigs does a price comparison. Where an E-Cig, that is equivalent to a five packs of cigarettes costs approximately $7.50, where five packs of cigarettes could come to a total of approximately $40.00.

However, Many people seem to think that E-Cigarettes are still missing an aspect that the real cigarettes have, which is why only 7% of people who try E-Cigarettes, return to traditional smoking. 

SIUe’s Gallery

Union Station in the MUC is getting an overhaul. They are to begin construction shortly, which means there will have to be a temporary spot for Union Station to move, which turns out is the art gallery on the 2nd floor of the MUC. However, after the construction is finished, they plan to turn the MUC’s art gallery into new meeting rooms, which in turn would, of course, eliminate the exposure of the art student’s inspiring works. 

I am asking anyone who reads this to please follow the link below and sign the petition to keep the MUC’s art gallery. It would be a huge loss for our campus if we were to lose the opportunity to show off the creativity that our art school has. 

Sign Here 

It would also be a great help for the cause if we could manage to get extra exposure for the petition.

Please share and keep our art gallery alive.


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Mardi Gras

Similar to most of the population, I look forward to the intoxicating holiday of Mardi Gras. People from all over the world flock to New Orleans to celebrate ‘Fat Tuesday.’

What does Mardi Gras mean for most?

Binge Eating, Binge Drinking, Being smothered by Purple, Gold and Green, Roaming streets with countless strangers,Waking up next to one of those strangers,Parades, and eventually a sick feeling.


Party Network

However, before Mardi Gras just became another reason to party, it was actually a pagan festival that had come about thousands of years ago.

Many speculate as to why it was celebrated, however the most popular reasons, which I found on and seem to be the welcoming of spring, reward for surviving a harsh winter, or celebration for fertility.

When Christianity arrived in Rome, the religious leaders thought that it would be easier to have people convert to Christianity if they incorporated their Pagan holiday into their religion as a proceeding to lent rather than taking on the more difficult task of abolishing the pagan holiday which so many have come to enjoy.

As time passed, this festival began to get the name ‘Fat Tuesday’ due the families that would have to consume all of the meat, eggs, milk and cheese before Ash Wednesday or the beginning of lent, where they could eat only fish or decide to fast for several weeks.

However, now it is one of the largest party days of the year, just don’t forget why it’s there.

Recent Candy News

As many of you have probably already heard, the addicting Candy Crush Saga game and its owner, the King company, are in a new legal battle with the makers of a similar game named CandySwipe.

Left: CandySwipe/Right: Candy Crush Saga

Although the games do have some similarities, they are not completely identical.

If you have not read up on the story, now you can, Here.

Although CandySwipe was released before Candy Crush Saga, the King company bought a Candy type game that was created before CandySwipe in order to get rights to the use of the word “Candy” in game titles.

This would then force CandySwipe to alter their name, and possibly their app’s gameplay.

It seems however that CandySwipe’s creator seemed to wait until way after the fact to release a statement. Why would you wait two years after your game was ‘copied’ to do something?

Some have gone to speculate that the whole issue may be fabricated just to push CandySwipe’s rating up.

Either way, someone has to be in the wrong.

What do you think?




Caffeine’s Effects

We consume caffeine on a daily basis. most of us probably consume more than we should. 

However, what are the pros and cons of caffeine and how much is too much?

MedlinePlus suggests that the average adult should keep their caffeine intake in between 200-300 milligrams a day. Which would be about two to three cups of coffee. 

A healthy amount of caffeine can help improve certain aspects of life shown by

  • Wakes up the Brain
  • Help reduce stress
  • Improves Concentration
  • May help you live longer

This may be difficult for some of us. I know that I probably consume maybe twice the amount of caffeine than I should per day.

Excessive caffeine intake can lead to several health related issues. Such as,

  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Nausea
  • Restlessness
  • Tremors
  • Frequent Urination 
  • Vomiting

However, if A person were to stop caffeine consuming caffeine after their body has been exposed to it it can also lead to some adverse effects. 

  • Drowsiness
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting

I know I usually wake up, have coffee and then constantly walk around with a soda that is caffeinated. I know it’s not that great for me but I continue to do it anyways. Although Caffeine may have negative effects it seems to help out many people to get through their day. Just try to be more aware of your caffeine consumption. 

Things you may use throughout the day that have caffeine. 



Beware the Banana.

Last week in my speech class my professor began to talk about companies or corporations that he would no longer purchase from because of their shattered moral compasses.

I then became interested in which corporation is the ‘worst.’

Well, let me present to you the logo of, what is considered to be, the most evil corporation in the world.



(You May have to scroll a little while)




(Keep going)





Yes, Chiquita banana. All of us have most likely peeled this sticker off of a banana or two in our day.

Listverse and CNN both provide insight into Chiquita’s business morals over the last 90 years.

Chiquita’s business ethics started to appear a little dark about around 1928, when Chiquita’s workers went on strike for better working conditions. (At this time Chiquita was know as the United Fruit Company)

The United Fruit Company was not very fond of improving the working conditions for their employees at this time. However, they were fond of making relationships with the Colombian government.

A few ‘business’ meetings later it appeared as Chiquita and the Colombian government had become decent associates.

If a citizen of Colombia was to defy the Colombian government, in the early 1900’s,  they were to be killed. As you can imagine, killing many employees of a corporation would be very time-consuming to execute. So, the Colombian government constructed machine guns  around the mistreated Chiquita workers and began shooting.

However, 1928, that was quite awhile ago, maybe Chiquita has bettered themselves? Let us move down the timeline a little ways to the 1950’s in Guatemala.

Chiquita (The United Fruit Company) in the 1950’s controlled approximately 40% of the Guatemalan economy, 50% of Guatemalan land, and the majority of railroads, telephones, docks, and ships.

In 1954 a revised labor code was going to be set in place that would end up costing Chiquita about 40% of their land. As proven in other instances, Chiquita does not enjoy being told what to do, nor do they care of the outcome as long as it is in their favor.

Chiquita then began an uprising in Guatemala, which was already somewhat unstable. This group then overthrew the Guatemalan government and resulted in a civil war that lasted until the 1990’s and cost Guatemala approximately 250,000 lives.

Then The United Fruit Company became Chiquita, looking for a fresh start, which was short-lived.

In 2004 it was discovered the Chiquita was funding a terrorist group called United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia or AUC.

Background information about the group United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia:

    • They are known to be a major drug-trafficking group around the world.
    • They caused the Mapiripán Massacre.

Chiquita thought that their plantations in Colombia needed more protection.

In this situation who would you hire? Of course the drug-trafficking, homicidal, terrorist group, because they will make great use of the funds.

Over the years, many families have brought lawsuits against the Chiquita corporation because their loved ones have gone missing or were found dead at the hands of the well-known fruit corporation.

I suggest Dole.

Reminders: I Live Alone As A College Student…

I am a Sophomore in college at this time. Approximately six months ago I moved out of my parents’ house and acquired my own place. It’s only a small two bedroom apartment, but it is mine and I am proud of it.



I have began to notice several things over the last six months of living alone, and I realized it fit somewhat into the “College Student” stereotype.

1. My Grocery List (Or lack there of)

Everyone at one time or another has been in the checkout line stuck behind that family of four whom had just spent two and a half hours ransacking the town grocery store to acquire, what seems to be, an unnatural amount of food for the next two weeks.

However, that is not where you will find me. I am the guy racing to the twenty items or less line to purchase my three frozen pizzas and a two-liter of soda to live off of for the next four days.

The Reminder: The refrigerator is just a large empty box.

2. Financial ‘Responsibility’

As most people, I also like to go out and have a good time, whether that be going to a concert, seeing a movie, spending time at a friends, etc. but participating in entertaining activities requires money, and entertainment is not the main priority.

First the paychecks must go towards living expenses, school, gas, insurance, food, cleaning supplies and all the other necessities. You know what’s not fun?; Any of the previously listed items. Honestly when is the last time you saw someone having the time of their life with a bottle of Windex?

The Reminder: The mirror sure is clean, but I don’t need to use it to get ready for anything.

3. Household Chores

When living with another person, cleaning up the mess you just created is the courteous thing to do.  When you live alone, Who else is going to see?

I’ll tell you I do heavy cleaning about once a week, but in that time span in between cleanings my living space seems to be completely destroyed and I’m not quite sure how. I’m not home that often and when I am it usually entails sitting in a set place finishing class work or slipping into a coma like state for an unnatural amount of time.

The Reminder:  The mound of laundry and dishes sometimes resemble a mountain range.